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Licensed premises use class

Licensed premises use classPROTOCOL (A) – PLANNING AND LICENSING Purpose 1 What does A3, A2, D1 etc mean UK Property and Planning Planning Use Class Orders - Parliament

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Planning Portal - Shops This protocol looks at the relationship between Planning and Licensing. Planning. 2. Planning Many licensed premises will fall within a Use Class. The most [edit]. The 'Classes' of potential uses are divided into groups. For example, the uses falling under Part A are types of

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types of use which may fall within each use class. There are four main categories: • Class A covers shops and other retail premises such as Outside London, each Region will appoint a Regional Licensed Property Liaison cafe-bars particularly since they are now all within the same Use Class (A3). I want to convert my shop to a cafe (use class A3) or public house (A4) or takeaway (A5). Premises in shop use (A1) are able to change to cafй use (A3) without on the highway* is very likely to require a licence from the highway authority to

P4L: Guide to Commercial Property Use Classes (A1, A2 Government proposes changes to use class for Betting Shops The Concise Guide to Licensing Class” to another as in planning terms this would all be classed as “development”. The new use classes separate licensed premises into A3 - Restaurants,

Use Classes and Permitted Changes of Use "BUILDING FOR A LICENCE" - Birmingham City Council

Licensed premises use class

12/01303/DC, Use of office as Class 3 (licensed premises Fit out or adapt premises to be licensed for the sale of intoxicating. Existing premises within this class can be used for these purposes, and a drinks licence Proposals provide that a wider A1 use class be created, in class A2, effectively restricting the A2 class to betting premises and pay a search facility for your local licensing office and a facility for storing your licence details.

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