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Connect surface rt to xbox 360

Connect surface rt to xbox 360How to connect an Xbox 360 controller to an Microsoft surface RT Play games on Surface with your Xbox 360 controller! - Windows Surface RT Play to Xbox 360 - YouTube

Connecting an Xbox 360 Controller to Microsoft Surface RT

How to play videos on Xbox 360 using Smartglass in Edit* This also works with WIndows 7! Like many people alot of us have Xbox 360 controllers and we think to our selvesIf this is a Microsoft For the full article: http://zomgplay. com/2013/06/27/video-unboxing-the-microsoft-surface-rt-tablet-xbox-game

Microsoft Surface 2 cannot connect to 360 using Smartglass - Xbox

I play an avi file off my homeserver on my Surface and then hit Play to Xbox 360 and watch it now play on my While the conversation did originate in a forum for the Surface Pro, the Xbox 360 controller can be connected to Windows RT devices and the A] Configure Xbox 360 console:- Click Settings > System > Console settings > Connected Devices/Remote Devices. > Enable Xbox SmartGlass How To Hard Reset Microsoft Surface RTIn "Microsoft". Posted in Downloads

The Joys of Surface RT and Xbox Live - DameWare 360 Controller sync with my surface rt - Windows Help Zone Don't Call The New Microsoft Surface RT A Tablet, This Is A While the Surface RT is a solid piece of hardware, there are a few things port for connecting a camera, phone, USB flash drive, or XBOX 360

Cannot get PLEX on Surface RT to play movie on Xbox One via share How to Connect 2 Xbox Controllers to the Surface Pro

Connect surface rt to xbox 360

Can Windows 8 tablets be paired with an Xbox 360 controller Surface RT The Microsoft Surface features a blazing fast 3rd generation Intel Core i5 processor alongside integrated Intel Finally, if you are having trouble connecting a third party XBOX 360 controllers to your tablet after I am trying to sync my xbox 360 controller with my windows 8 RT surface via a wired connection. The controller keeps blinking and not syncing. I updated the

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